Supernatural 7x06 Slash Fiction

Friday, 28 October 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

hmm odd opening

Teller: “What can I do for you, Dean?”

So many ways to answer that.

Lotta random references made and it’s only been 13 minutes.

When Bobby calls someon a loon, he ain’t lying.

Bobby: There can only be one!

I was thinking death spell but cutting the head off works too :slight_smile:

She’s not gonna ask about the Winchesters?

death spell it is then :slight_smile:

Or not… (:


My Crom, I’m still smiling at Dean lip syncing that song. d:

You know there’s a outtake where they both end up singing in unison :slight_smile:

Confirmed or you joking?

Joking, unless there really is one. :slight_smile:

Cylon!! (:


At least Dean hesitated a little before taking a shot.

Figured they weren’t FBI.

hm borax bullets from now on?

“Coming back from the dead again strains credulity…”