Supernatural 7x03 The Girl Next Door

Friday, 7 October 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Not looking forward to this episode.

Dean’s gonna get eaten! :eek:

“Bobby, you’re alive.”

Thanks for noticing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let that really be Bobby…

OK, how did he get dressed? Not to mention, walking on morphine? Good luck with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be taking Sam away from there.

That played out a lot quicker than I expected.

Now, I can look forward to the episode.

geez those spanish soaps get everyone (i just don’t get it)

I like the new title card. The sound effect completely sells it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Rufus’ place…

Bobby is the best prepared old drunk, ever. :cool:

you pulled that up quick.

Other shoe? Hasn’t 5 of them dropped already with Sam since he got out?

“can’t kill 'em” oh! what about the holy weapons? they ever round those up?

Ruh-roh. Credit card fraud is coming back to haunt them. :eek:

Cake is “close enough” to pie???

Sam’s gone evil again! Kill him! :eek:

Last I saw, they mentioned them as an option against Cas, but never moved on from there.

Great casting on young Sam. He looks more and more like Padalecki as time goes on.

Oh noes! They killed a drug dealer!

um, yay…?

Is that flash back pulled from a previous ep?