Supernatural 6x16 ...And Then There Were None

Friday, 4 March 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific


Definitely not what I was thinking.

Not Echidna? Tiamat?

How would she even know about Jesus? Hasn’t she been down under for several millennia?

“Ghoul-Wraith smorgasbord.” :eek:

Sounds messy. :eek:

Doesn’t mean she couldn’t hear or learn everything (I’m thinking not just mother of all but also mother earth kinda)

I love Bobby and Rufus. They’re almost as much fun together as Sam and Dean. :slight_smile:

Black slime in the ear? :eek:

“I said I’d kill him!”

It’s nice that Dean doesn’t lie to his old granddad. :rolleyes:

X-Files reunion! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Obviously there’s something I need to tell you.” :eek:

Also good to know that Dean was going to follow through on his threat.:slight_smile:

I never had any doubt. Considering all the crap he put them through, no chance Dean was going to let him away with continuing to live.

“We’re gonna find him alive, Samuel, or I’m gonna put a bullet in your head.”

You tell him, Sammy. :stuck_out_tongue:

OMGs. She’s laying eggs in human brains! :eek:

I love that they’re calling it the Khan worm. :smiley:

I guess they’re gonna call it the Kahn worm the whole episode :stuck_out_tongue: as good a name as any i guess :slight_smile:

“The minute we kill this thing, you’re next.”

Well, that’s an incentive to help in the search. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Mary’s still my daughter.”

She’s been dead almost 30 years. Just can’t grasp that reasoning, considering that he was already dead at the time. :confused:

“All right, if anything crawls out of anybody, I want someone to step on it!” :smiley:

How would Dean know? He was what, like 8, when she died?

Well he meet her in the past with the angel time travel.