Superman: Man of Steel

In a continuing effort to keep the Forum alive,
here is another installment,
a re-watch of Superman: Man of Steel.

Superman: Man of Steel


2.5 hrs

Henry Cavill - Superman


I have to say Superman is my most favorite super-hero, he has been since childhood.
I learned to read, reading Superman comic books.
I have seen every iteration of Superman on film and text.
And there are things I love about all of it.

Christopher Reeves
Superman I-II-III-IV
was the innocent super-hero straight out of the 40s & 50s
fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Tom Welling
in Smallville 2001-11
was the young Clark Kent trying to figure it all out.
A solidly decent person trying to do good.

Brandon Routh
Superman Returns 2016
A beautiful Superman.
A little more human, but still the strong, good man.

Henry Cavill
Man of Steel 2013
The most “human” Superman.

I love them all for different reasons.
They are all Superman.

So here we go.

Other Superman films we always see the Superman primary colors of red, blue and yellow. I have always loved this. This film is full of greys and muted colors. At first it looked strange, but I quickly adapted to it.

Superman’s parents Jor-El & Lara
(Kal-El) being born.

General Zod, a strongman on Krypton. Very formidable.
He wants to save Krypton.

Jor-El refuses to join with Zod.

I really like this Jor-El.
Strong, a scientist and man of action.

Jor-El is determined to a part of Krypton for the future.
Krypton will soon self destruct.

Love the family bloodline crest on Jor-El’s chest.
The Superman “S”

Earth “it’s a seemingly intelligent population”

Krypton is doomed.
Kal-El’s only chance to survive is Earth.

Off goes Kal-El.
Jor-El prepares to battle Zod to stall him until Kal-El’s ship leaves the planet.

Zod kills Jor-El.
Zod is captured and tried.
He is sentenced to the Phantom Zone.
But not before vowing to Lara that he will find her son.

Ok that looked painful.

Cool effects.

Krypton destroys itself.

Kal-El’s ship crash lands on earth.

And 30 years later Clark’s on a fishing boat.

Wow, great chest !

Clark save lives on the burning oil rig.

Flashback moments to Clark’s Kansas childhood.

X-ray vision, super-hearing

This Martha Kent is wonderful, just what Clark needs.