Suggested (unofficial) Theme for the Fantasy Scifi Roundup

I was out with a buddy the other day and he had his mix cd in and it played a song that I thought would be PERFECT for the GWCFSR (need to do something about the name…). The song is Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by the Lemon Demons. Heres a link to check it out,. Cool video too.

Just my $.02

While I like the idea of the Fantasy segment getting its own music theme (Juan?), I think it has to be original work (not copyrighted or done by the crew) or received permission to used first.

Someone in the community with talent may be able to throw something together (not me, I lack talent). I just hope they’ll mention Sy’s face hugging. ^^

I am suprised when you pick out your teams that you guys dont have to include some d-bag to try to mess things up. call it a handycap.