Starsaber's FSL Cards

As I posted a couple days ago on the discussion thread, I played around a bit with the template I used to make the cards I did for Chloe and Lionel.

Since then, I’ve done a bit more, and think I’ll probably end up doing quite a few more, so rather than cluttering the discussion thread, I decided to make a new one.

A few changes that aren’t in Sean’s awesome FSL templates.

  1. I changed to numbers instead of bars to save space.
  2. Personas. With the persona rule, I might make different cards for different “eras” of a character. To make it clear (when I don’t just use the same names), I added a Persona text block that will always say the character name.
  3. Logos. With some of the different factions in the Smallville universe, I decided to add logos to represent characters affiliations. Characters don’t need to have a logo, but they could have one or two. I also use this to indicate what characters are not League legal (mostly Kryptonians)
  4. Flavor text. Just a quote related to the character (or that era of the character).

Here are the ones I’ve done so far.


Justice League Members (1st of several sets of these)

People with the initials LL (Yes, I know I still need to do Lois ones. I think her and Watchtower Chloe are probably my next set.)

OK, going to be out of town for a while, so here are the next set that I have done.

Just couldn’t resist that flavor text on Stiletto. Flavor text is usually the hardest part to find.

Very cool stuff.

I’ve decided to branch out to more than just Smallville. Here’s a taste of the shape of things to come.

EDIT: Yes, and for Atlantis and SGU characters, I will be changing the gate design around the picture.

Of course, that means I’ll need to find a plain straight on picture of the Atlantis gate.

Decided to do another card template. Started a BSG one, but trimming the corners off all the layers was more than I felt like doing tonight.

Changing out gates was actually more of a pain in the ass than I thought.

Yeah, I know Eli wasn’t really assigned to Icarus, but that’s the closest I’ve got to a Destiny crew logo.

Damn. Almost had another new template finished, then GIMP crashed and I hadn’t saved recently enough.

I’m moving more to setting up templates, then doing 1 or 2 cards with each to show it off rather than doing a whole bunch for one or two templates.

These didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but they were worth a shot.

Was trying to make them look a bit like the computer screens on the Normandy, but I’m not good enough with GIMP to get to what I was trying for. Bit tougher to have enough room for skills with this layout, but at least part of that was because I found the Mass Effect menu font and used it.

Those look great! I like the idea of each universe getting it’s own style of card. For next FSL round I might do something similar, or at least just put a symbol of that universe somewhere on the card.

If I do Star Wars, I might be tempted to just modify the cards from the Star Wars CCG from back in the day. My love for that game is eternal.

BSG was next on my list anyways, but your response made my decision on what character to do easier.

EDIT: Ugh, the card blends in with the forum background a bit more than I like, but too tired to do anything about it now.

Nice. Good call on the corners.

I’ve decided on a slightly different approach. Not fully ready to spill the beans yet, but here are a few new cards I did.

Not particularly satisfied with this one, but it was tough to find a picture of the ring at a good angle to put a picture in and I had to scale this one up a bit.

Well got it done. I now have cards for all three of my teams

FSL 1.0 - Team EVIL

FSL 2.0

FSL 3.0