Starkid productions

I’m probably the only one here that’s seen some of these but…

Team Starkid is an acting troupe, mostly out of the University of Michigan, that writes their own musical stage productions and puts them on the interwebs for your enjoyment.

Did I mention they were total geeks?

Their latest, titled “Starship”, can be sort of explained as “Starship Troopers the Musical as performed in the style of Avenue Q” (even if that’s not 100% accurate, it’s close.) Previous productions included “A Very Potter Musical”, “A Very Potter Sequel”, and “Me and My Dick” (which I haven’t seen but is EXACTLY what it sounds like).
(also of note-the write of the songs in “Starship” and the actor for “Harry” in the Potter musicals is Darren Criss, who is now on “Glee”)

Anyway, the videos are on youtube at Not sure what is the next project planned.

I like these guys a lot. It would make a great arc.

That was… unexpected… ly funny… I think.

Pretty sure I liked it. Needs repeat viewing. Thanks for sharing!

And then you can go back and watch “A Very Potter Musical” (which I need to rewatch sometime)