Stargate: Universe Canceled

Via Syfy’s twitter:
“Announcement today: Syfy will end its original action-adventure series Stargate Universe when the show returns with the final 10 episodes of its second season in the Spring of 2011. The Stargate franchise – consisting of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe – has aired on Syfy since 2002. Syfy has a slate of new scripted projects lined up for 2011 including the series premiere of Being Human on January 17, the recently green lit one-hour drama series Alphas and the much anticipated Battlestar prequel pilot movie, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. Warehouse 13, Eureka & Haven will also return w/new seasons next year.”

So remind what, again, on the “Sci-Fi Channel” am I actually going to still be watching? Other than cheery, cheeky sci-comedies, I don’t think there is an ongoing sci-fi drama or action show left on the network. Yeah, the BSG prequel-pilot-movie-thing’s coming out, but that’s not guaranteed to even be greenlit as a show.

I’m pretty sure SG:U was the only show still on my Hulu queue, even if it’s one that never found its footing.

Just saw this seconds ago. Perhaps they require more room in their schedule for wrestling or ghost hunting or, perhaps, some of those great movies like Boa vs. Python.

I can’t stand it. Firefly couldn’t get more than 10 episodes. Caprica got axed early. TSCC got eliminated too early.

Lack of Sci-Fi on SyFy is another reason why I no longer have cable.

Don’t really miss it much tbh.

WTF??? :eek:

I mean…


I am a huge fan of the s g 1 series. had a hard time coming to grips with stargate atlantis. I never did get into stargate universe. so the loss of stargate universes is no great disappointment to me. I do feel for the fans of sgu though. I know how bad it sucks to lose a show you really enjoy. And your probably right they probably need the extra time to put on another ghost hunter or other non-sifi show. I just can’t wait to watch yet another paranormal activity on a channel that calls itself the sci fi channel.

While I didn’t like SGU as much as SG-1 or especially Atlantis, it’ll be a shame to see it go. Eli is second only to Rodney in terms of my favorite characters.

One thing I’m worried about is whether this will have an impact on the SG-1 and Atlantis movies that are supposedly still in the pipeline somewhere.

One look at this seasons ratings and knowing that DVR and streaming doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to Syfy this news was inevitable.
It’s very disappointing but Syfy have now shed their two most expensive scripted dramas and the rest of the lineup by comparison looks far cheaper to produce, as with reality TV it’s hard to argue against the logic:(

I considered them dead in the water even before MGM sorted themselves out, the DVD market is still a dead duck and Syfy are not going to pay $6million plus upfront to secure first run rights.

Maybe the franchise is really dead or SKY who are currently hitting £1 Billion profit for the year can use some of that to actually have their own world class scifi show, wishful thinking:(

I agree with you on Eli. I think he’s one of the best single characters Stargate’s ever had. Not because he’s the “everyman” or anything like that, but because in just two seasons he’s had quite an incredible, quiet, slow arc as he comes to terms with the idea that yeah, his old life playing video games in his mother’s house was nothing special and while yeah, this ship the Destiny is cool and all, he’s still stuck so far away from the one thing in his life that really was special and meaningful: his relationship with his mother. That’s the kind of story Stargate’s never told before, and I was really, really happy to see a Sci-Fi show do something like that. Guess I was one of the few, though.

Does this surprise me NO. Does this make me want to stay watching syfy…H3LL NO!! They should just call it the anything but scifi channel.

Saw all this coming last year when instead of showing some good (and classic) SF. We got a James Bond marathon. Now I like JB as much as the next person. It does not I REPEAT IT DOES NOT BELONG ON SCIFI!

As much as I like Eureka, Sanctuary and W13. The rest of the programming on SyFy blows chunks and bad ones at that. There is nothing on there that I like or care to like now or for the new season coming. 2 years ago we atleast had some decent programing and reasons to watch the shows. Maybe someone will try to resurrect what scifi was years ago…OK i’m awake again.:mad:

SGU never really had the chance.

Its creation was announced in coincidence with SGA’s abrupt cancellation.

Its development but a kibosh on any further SG1 or SGA DVDs.

The shows creators mocked the fans openly for their upset over the first two points and chastized them for not being able to support their show.

The show’s premise and concept were vastly different from fans of Stargate were used to. And although I thought the more intimate and darker premise welcoming, many were turned off by the idea.

It had the misfortune of airing after BSG had paved the way for gritty space drama’s and looked too much like a clone.

It had the misfortune of airing on SyFy, which might as well call itself FX2 and get all of us out of our misery.

This is a sad time for all of us. I grew up with Stargate and have never known when it hasn’t been airing or a part of my life. I was hoping like Trek it would be a part of my kids lives. Tis a sad day for geeks everywhere, my friends, a sad day indeed.


~Shooter Out

FRAK! One day I’m out of the loop and today I hear this.

If Fox will ax Fringe after this season, I only will watch series cable series like AMC, HBO or Showtime.

Sounds to me that this is the death of the Stargate Franchise on the television screen.

I can’t say I’m devastated. In fact SG-U was excised from my dvr several weeks ago. I tried like hell but just couldn’t keep an interest, and I felt it moved too slowly. That being said, I know a lot of folks who liked it and we all know the feeling of a beloved show getting the ax.

Welcome aboard, AxlsMom.

When I heard that news, it really bothered me. Stargate is a huge franchise with an established fanbase. To openly mock them was uncalled for, IMO.

TPTB over in Star Trek land hardly listened to their fanbase but they never attacked them. Publicly, anyway.

Times are different now. If producers are trying something creative and it gets critcized by their fanbase, they know they’ll be cancelled by the network. So, I can understand their frustration. Nowadays, hardly anything gets a chance to sprout wings.

It’s been said elsewhere but it’s all about the numbers but the way they calculate that is antiquated now. People don’t watch shows like they used to. There are several ways (live, DVR’d, online, download). The numbers are inaccurate. IMO, the reason Reality Series do so well is because the audience watches it live. They want to make sure they catch the moments as they happen.

It was always a risk stepping out of the safe zone that SG1 and SGA inhabited and the franchise lost some loyal fans and maybe failed to gain those that perhaps had had their fill of dark and gritty after BSG ended.

For me SGU is a 21st century show aimed at a niche market on a niche channel both of which are in a state of flux and I’ll look back at 2 very high production value seasons which suited my tastes but failed to capture the wider market. I wish the best to all the talent infront and behind the cameras and wonder if it’ll be a slow few years before we get anything but light and fluffy despite the promise of a budget restricted dip into the BSG well.

On the upside it looks like The Gatecast will now be retired around 2020:)

Yes, reality television has two great hooks for the TV broadcasters. It’s water cooler effect is incredible and with many shows viewer participation requires live viewing. The result is viewing when broadcast or at least the same night is the only way to watch and for advert driven business models pure gold and a call back to when everything was live yet with less direct competition.

This is a shame, I was just getting into it.

I’m blaming the producers for putting giving TJ and Chloe so much screen time instead of showing us more Lt James!

I’m finally getting to watch “Caprica” in Singapore, … on the channel “AXN Beyond”.

Not on Syfy. :cool:

Yes I’d hoped James would feature more (still got 10 eps left) but at least she wasn’t red shirt material and maybe despite a lot of screen time TJ and Chloe never really established themselves. They still feel more as if they bounce off Youngs and Scotts issues rather than their own unlike Camille whose story is her own.