Stargate Universe 211 & 212 Deliverance & Twin Destinies


[b]March 28, 2015

9:00PM – Deliverance[/b]
“If you would have asked me a couple of years ago where I’d be today, this would not have been one of my guesses.”

10:00PM – Twin Destinies
“My friends… Well, yes, perhaps that’s, uh, an overstatement. But we are, at least, shipmates who have, up until now, shared great adversity.”


See ya then.


Bump for tonight


Another 2 of my favorite episodes. :smiley:


I so wish there were a 3rd & 4th season !


The aliens that took Chloe and Rush, did we ever get a name for them?


How can Destiny keep getting attacked without it being destroyed?


Nobody’s giving Chloe any credence at this point.




Chloe broke Baras’ arm in two places. She’s a bit stronger now.


Oh come on, Baras isn’t twice Chloe’s size.


So the Ursisni planet was invaded.


I love the Volker-Brody team !


Yah, just like the Borg.


Eli, is full of good ideas.


Dr. Park is very cool. Wish there was more of her character.


Geez, that artificial gravity function sure comes in handy.


That’s not slowly.


“Proximity alert”



“No escape”
That’s intimidating.