Stargate Universe 207 & 208 The Greater Good & Malice


[b]March 14, 2015

9:00PM – The Greater Good[/b]
“New friends. Yay.”

10:00PM – Malice
“I’m going to help on the planet. And I don’t care what you say. I’m not going to be able to figure out how to stall the clock in the time we have.”


Bump for tonight.


I like this episode.


Young - a bit distracted, or just checked out?


Amanda and Ginn? Nice to see them both, but the ending’s not so nice.


Ginn - hair a liitle out of order and face flushed.


Probably not sleeping as much as he should because he’s afraid of getting the dreams again.

And I love Wray’s little smile when she makes the connection.


Volker- “New friends - yah”

Always makes me laugh.


Even Rush must ge tired of the constant evasions.


Young won’t leave Rush behind - again :slight_smile:


Eli looks happy and pleased.


Battered up ship.


How are empty pods a good thing. Maybe the pod people are roaming around the ship. :slight_smile:


Someone on their design staff must have been playing EVE Online. The blue alien ships look like a Badger and this looks like some sort of Amarr battleship.

For reference:

Apocalypse battleship


Oh crap. Not good.


To quote what I was watching before this, “Shaka when the walls fell.”


Sweet very nice.


Yes. “The river in winter” :slight_smile:


Simeon is so threathening


I sure like Ginn.