Stargate Universe 205 & 206 Cloverdale & Trial and Error

[b]March 7, 2015

9:00PM – Cloverdale[/b]
“You are going to die, Matthew. We all will…eventually.”

10:00PM – Trial and Error
“But just because one threat is behind you, doesn’t mean there isn’t another ahead.”

See ya then.

I like this episode. It’s quirky.

This is a very different opening.

Ouch !! Why didn’t that kill Scott?

I mostly remember it because this isn’t the first show I’ve seen this downtown area on.

And that was a bit of a transition.

Blue crud!! Yikes.

Well, that’s some nasty looking blue stuff…

Eli as Chloe’s brother? Yeah, I suppose that’s how Matt (and Chloe) would think of him in this kind of fantasy.

Young as the flawed Dad - perfect.
Eli as Chloe’s brother - perfect.

Last Viking episode, one of the Viking warriors begged to have his arm hacked off for less than that blue stuff.

Did you see the photo of a little boy Scott on the table behind him?

Hey, it’s the Talon!

Scott fainted.
Movie Far Afield.

“This doesn’t look familiar to you?”

Run, run for your lives !!

This was a really good way to show the beginning of the story since this episode started in the middle.

“No, it’s a movie.”
Don’t you just hate it when people say that?

Volker, awkward in any reality. Gotta love him.

Dream-Volker is not good at delaying.