Stargate Universe 203 & 204 Awakening & Pathogen

[b]February 28, 2015

9:00PM – Awakening[/b]
“You’re tired. I get it. Let me help.”

10:00PM – Pathogen
“Because I am Eli! I’m on a ship far, far away, but my consciousness is in this person’s body. It really is me. Mom, I am your son.”

Bump for tonight.

Count me in.

So last episode Destiny was approaching an unknown object.

Was Destiny intended to pick up the seed ships as it went along or did this one just break down enough for Destiny to catch up?

Away team? What is this, Star Trek? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think Destiny is suppose to pick them up.

Star Trek is the baseline for all things.:smiley:

It had to at least be considered a possibility or they wouldn’t have designed them to dock together so well.

Rush is always sneaking away. Does he really think no one is noticing?

Yah, you’re right.

Chloe and her freaky super-healing power. (I want that.)

Breathable air on the seed ship.

And Rush has gone from just not looking for a way to go home to actively hiding a way to get home.

Love Rush’s lovely, kindhearted wife.

How the heck does Telford think he can ask for anything?

Oh, that doesn’t look good.

Then cut to Ginn, who definitely does look good. :wink:

That seed ship sure looks old. Even older than Destiny.

Hey Young, a little more respect for Ginn.

Nice try, Varro.