Stargate Universe 119 & 120 Incursion


[b]February 14, 2015

9:00PM – Incursion Part 1[/b]
“At least the brainwashing explains why you’ve been such an ass.”

10:00PM – Incursion Part 2
“And I wish the Colonel would give the word so we can go in there and properly resolve the situation. Do the right thing when the right time comes. You gotta trust that 100%.”


Bump for tonight.


See you then.


These next 2 episodes are intense as I remember.


A bluff? Sorta…


A fish out…


Greer doesn’t look sad.


The Lucian Alliance is coming. Oh crap.


Nice that Brody didn’t wait for Young to say what to do before pumping the air back in. Thought the “killing Rush too” thing might have motivated him to keep pumping the air out.


Telford’s on our side now. Hmm.


Why not just block the gate with some cargo crates or something?


Nah, I think Telford has always been an ass.


Destiny needs an iris.


Yes, kill them all. What do think the Lucian Alliance is going to do eventually.


That method was usually done in the past by removing a larval Goa’uld from a Jaffa’s pouch.


Yay, Sam and O’Neill !!


You really can’t bluff Kiva, can you.


Where does the Lucian Alliance get all that black leather?


Sam’s last appearance in Stargate. Next season is the only season of any Stargate series without Gary Jones and Amanda Tapping.

“Pyramid? That takes me back.” :smiley:


And the return of a Daniel Jackson video :smiley: