Stargate Universe 117 & 118 Pain & Subversion


[b]February 7, 2015

9:00PM – Pain[/b]
“Yeah, our lucks gotta change at some point.”

10:00PM – Subversion
“I know what makes me special.”


Bump for tonight.


Did you almost forget?


I like this episode.


Who’s that? Scott’s evil twin?

And that’s what happens to evil twins.


Well, I did just make the threads last night.


That’s always a bit shocking.


Well glad you made it :smiley:


Volker trapped in his quarters.
Weird stuff.


I’m kind of disappointed they skipped the trip through the void between galaxies. This could have worked really well set during that jump.


Greer and Wray - more weird


Yah, kinda forgot about that.


Poor Volker -he’s losing it. (understandably)
He just wants to be home, sitting in his backyard, looking at the stars.


Matt chasing disappearing kids.


Strange that Wray called him Nickolas instead of Dr. Rush.


Park -“No, he’s been his normal self”
Funny scene.


Lost opportunity there. They should have had him scratching at his neck and saying it was a Goa’uld.


Not the first time. Last episode with Amanda Perry, Wray calls Rush Nicolas when she returns.


Ah man, poor Volker !

Something strange is afoot.


The first to snap was what’s his face in Justice.