Stargate Universe 115 & 116 Lost & Sabotage


[b]January 31, 2015

9:00PM – Lost[/b]
“Amazing; that a planet on the other side of the Universe can remind you of Vermont!”

10:00PM – Sabotage
“Eli. I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to put you straight back to work. Welcome back.”


Bump for tonight, and I’ll try not zoning out and forgetting to show up.


Ok, I’m here.


A very large spider


Since Eli isn’t around, you can now be the annoying one with the Kino, Riley.


Won’t come into play here for a few more weeks, but Robert Knepper is scary good at playing a psychopath.


Meanwhile back in the underground…


No kidding, good actor.


You are the big red dot, Eli.


Good simple map !


Just finished the Breakout Kings episode where he played his character from Prison Break again.


Young can sure be an ass at times.


Convenient that Destiny always has the same gate address. Of course, the Destiny gate addresses wouldn’t reflect constellations, since they’re manufactured as needed.


And of course an interruption when TJ was going to say something important. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the Kino’s not lost anymore.


Maybe she really was studying Daniel’s notes.


Oh crap, a collapse.


20 planets in 3 hrs.


Always find this part uncomfortable to watch.


Scott’s a mess.