Stargate Universe 111 & 112 Space & Divided

[b]January 17, 2015

9:00PM – Space[/b]
“Hey, hey! First real space battle over here!”

10:00PM – Divided
“Everyone thinks we’re safe. They think that they’ll never find us again. We’re not safe, are we?”

Oops. Bump for half an hour from now. :wink:

I’ll be there.:slight_smile:

I like this episode.

I like the way the flashbacks look like a Kino recording.

Young’s conscience is knocking at the door.

Oh yeah, they have the charging plates so the shaver would still work.

TJ has a cold.

I like Wray, but she is also very annoying.

I miss Rush.

This is a very funny moment !!

“I can hear you.”

Oops, the intercomm’s on.

Not… necessarily.

Nice transition with Young using the stones, but this is odd.

How weird would that feel?
So when Young looks down at himself, he doesn’t notice his feet are not his own?

Sure that’s a cold !

“My imagination isn’t that good.” :smiley:

Mending socks, nice touch.

See, Wray is so annoying.

Equivalent to slamming the door on Wray.

Well, someone is loyal.