Stargate Universe 109 & 110 Life & Justice


[b]January 10, 2015

9:00PM – Life[/b]
“Catastrophic failure…every time, horrible death, fire and brimstone, dogs and cats living together…”

10:00PM – Justice
“In over a dozen planets, we haven’t had a single indication of advanced technology up until now”


Bump for tonight.


Oh goody, time for the episode that just about got me to stop watching SGU.


Would Wray really waste their limited supply of paper on art? Though I suppose it’s a coping mechanism, and they would certainly need some of those.


You can’t run/do push-ups/do yoga all the time.


Would TJ know that Spencer was on those meds (whatever they were)? If so, she might not know he’s out, but she would probably suspect that something’s up with him.


Scott and Chloe don’t seem to have much of a problem with the beds, Franklin. :wink:


Hmm, a chair. I seem to remember a few other Ancient chairs that were pretty useful.


Actually, the head-sucker wasn’t a chair. The chair was how they controlled Atlantis or the Ancient Outpost.


Better name for it than I had. I was calling it the creepy hood of death.


“I tried to sell that.”

Did you consider putting it out to see if anyone wanted to do some curbside shopping? :wink:


Bit hard for Matt to keep his cover there.

My main problem with this episode is that both the A and B plots are on Earth, not on Destiny. Yeah, there are a couple stories going on on Destiny, but they’re clearly not the focus of the episode.


Very slow episode, isn’t it?


A naquadria planet a year out? Nice, assuming it’s still there in the difference in time between the seed ship and today.


Telford had them turn off the stone receiver on the Earth end? Not bad.

And Rush lied about the naquadria planet? That fits.


Nice parallel with Wray using the Destiny equivalent of a shower after being able to have a real shower on Earth.


Eli trying to do yoga? :smiley:


So, Greer joined Park’s “book club”? :wink:


Well, it’s all uphill from here. Like I said, I almost stopped watching after Life during its original airing.


Oops, missed the first episode.
See you at :00 for Justice.