Stargate Universe 107 & 108 Earth & Time


[b]January 3, 2015

9:00PM – Earth[/b]
“Well, unfortunately, the “something goes wrong” part would most likely mean the ship exploding.”

10:00PM – Time
“Do I need to point out yet again that documenting this could be important?!”


See you then.


Oops, just remembered that we changed the times for the remaining episodes. Fixed now.


Nice to be back.


Damn, my internet is really, really slow tonight.


I’m running a bit late, but I’ll catch up.


Col Young doesn’t come off as a strong leader.


Hot dogs - I would eat a hot dog after the meals on Destiny.


Wray is no fool. But she is ambitious.


“We’re not convinced Rush wants to come home.”


Listen to Rush.


Clicking your heels sounds more fun.


“Any chance I can get something else to wear?” :smiley:


Yes, it’s Telford trying to take over, yet again.


“Mosdtly likely,we’ll die here too.”


Good to see Jack again even if he’s being way too by the book.


Telford is petty.


Ah, the Master Code.


The best minds are working on it? I don’t see Sam or Rodney there explaining the plan to anyone.


“we’ve recently become very close.” :smiley: