Stargate Universe 105 & 106 Light & Water

[b]December 20, 2014

10:00PM – Light[/b]
“I’ve never been more pleased to be wrong in all my life.”

11:00PM – Water
“Woah. Looks like we entered the Hoth system.”

Bump for tonight.

See you then.

So here we go.

Everything looks old on Destiny.
I guess a million years will do that.

Flying into a star…

“Darkness” and “Light” were originally scripted as one episode named “Fire” (fitting the naming conventions of the rest of the first 1/3 of the season), but it was too long.

Everyone gathers to be told you’re all going to die.

Life support for 17 - yikes

“Bad day” is quite the understatement.

Another intense episode. I love this series.

Pretty light.

Though I’m not sure why he didn’t just say Scott and TJ from the beginning since they need Scott to fly the shuttle and TJ is their only medic.

The Colonel is being a jerk.

A real deep jerk

Yeah, Wray isn’t a good candidate to go on the shuttle. Almost said May there (though she would have been a very good candidate).

What a shock in lighting difference.

Poor Eli, odd man out.

Nice touch that Eli still has sunburn. That connectivity is the best difference between SGU and the previous series.

And why would Young pick Chloe?

Go Eli. You got it right.