Stargate Universe 103 & 104 Air Part 3 & Darkness


[b]December 13, 2014

10:00PM – Air Part 3[/b]
“We’re not supposed to be there, sir. These are the wrong people, in the wrong place. And as a group, they’re just not qualified.”

11:00PM – Darkness
“I don’t think you seem to understand what’s going on here, Colonel! Our “reserves” are gone! All of our power is gone!”


Bump for tonight.


See you then.



That looks hot.


Looks like sand to me.


Yah, what she said.


12 hours, not a lot of time.


Telford - control freak.


Telford- how does that feel?


Col Young, kinda of negative, aren’t you.
You don’t really have a choice.


“Walk, don’t talk”


Franklin is annoying.


But Eli is even more annoying.


Eli, shut up and grow up.


Mrs Armstrong gotta slow down on the booze, girl.


Is it my imagination or is Chloe a whole lot stronger than her mom.


Listen to Rush.


Telford is so self-important and heavy-handed.


Well Rush, that’s what happens when you disrespect Scott in front of Sgt Greer.


Nice going TJ. But Telford’s going to be pissed off.