Stargate SG-1 817 & 818 - Reckoning Part 2 & Threads


[b]July 27, 2013

10:00 PM - Reckoning Part 2
“I refuse to consider a strategy that demands the deliberate sacrifice of Jaffa lives.”

11:00 PM - Threads
“I’ll have truth with a side order of clarity, please.”


Bump bump bump


Thanks. Just remembered I hadn’t bumped it yet.


Just did some quick mental math, and we’re going to pass Gatecast next month.


Should we taunt them? :smiley:


I just remembered hearing something. I think the version of Threads on the DVD is longer than the broadcast version. Not sure which you’ll have.


No, I might be on there in a couple months. :wink:


When I pull it up after this ep, I’ll let you know how long my version is.


Yeah, sure would be convenient to have Daniel here.


“One way or another” Yeah, that could be problematic.


“three days of the chicken”? I though it was three days of the condor…


Yeah, big pile of bullshit from RepliCarter.


You just now noticed those big circles on the wall?


So the console from Window of Opportunity combined with an Atlantis screen tipped on its side.


“you blow up one sun…” :slight_smile:


Why did I not use that “you blow up one sun” line for the first post in the thread?


And what about the Replicators who aren’t near active gates?


That’s it. Play to his ego.


Oh, crap…


And why do any of the gate guards only have pistols?