Stargate SG-1 815 & 816 - Citizen Joe & Reckoning Part 1


[b]July 13, 2013

10:00 PM - Citizen Joe
“Between you and me, I totally see the analogy: Burns as Goa’uld.”

11:00 PM - Reckoning Part 1
“You cannot be serious.”
“Yes I can. I just choose not to.”


Bump for tomorrow


My tech in general is being a bit screwy today. I’ll catch up in a few minutes.


I’m running late too. I’ll get up to speed soon.


I’m up to the Fifth Race clip if that helps.


“What about the Furlings? Are we ever going to hear about them?” :smiley:

OK, not completely convinced I should watch this in mute like I was tempted to.


Oh yeah, Wormhole X-treme is going to set him off.


A bit of Bilbo looking for the Ring in Bag End here.


So he missed most of Meridian?


Some nice research work.


“I know your gun isn’t real, but mine is.” :smiley: Shoot him, Jack. It would make the episode a lot more interesting than it actually is.


Well, I do find the reveal that Jack has been experiencing clips from “a barber in Indiana” to be amusing.


Was that scene actually in an episode (with close-up added later), or did they stick a wig on Daniel?


Well, glad that’s over. I skipped the first 10 minutes and it still felt really long.


Miss Double Stick Tape there has a point. There are a lot less System Lords than the last meeting we saw.


Very T-1000 move from RepliCarter




Isaac Hayes?!


“That’s not good” Ya think?


I think “mixed feelings” might be an apt description.