Stargate SG-1 811 & 812 - Gemini & Prometheus Unbound


June 15, 2013

10:00 PM - Gemini
[i]“I was made in Samantha Carter’s image. I know what she knows. Feel what she feels.”

[/i]11:00 PM - Prometheus Unbound
“The name’s Olo. Hans… Olo.”


Bump for tonight.


Nice hint for the next episode.


This doesn’t seem odd to you guys at all?

Oh, and nice tank top on Sam. :stuck_out_tongue:


“There are two of us”
“If only.”

Don’t think you meant to say that out loud, Jack.


That’s convenient.


That effect still creeps me out every time.


Well, having Thor send the satellite through without going himself saved them some money.


I think I remember hearing that they filmed tonight’s two episodes at the same time, which is why Daniel isn’t there with them.


As unfortunate as it is, it makes sense that Jack would ask that question.


Repli-Carter played you so bad, Fifth.


Yeah, RepliCarter is an effective villain.


Don’t think guns are going to work all that well.


For a second there, I thought they were going to contradict something from Atlantis, but they played that tug of war pretty well.


There’s Hammond. Forgot he was in this one.

Not what Jack meant, General.


Hammond really pulled the rug out from under Jack in several regards there.


Nice justification from Hammond. Purely selfish of course, but it makes sense.

Oh yeah, the introduction of hiccup girl.


Lots of buttons in that elevator for the size of the ship. Never really liked the flying office building design.

And nice cowboy switch with going into and out of the elevator.


That’s the problem with ring transporters. They transport both ways at the same time.


That’s not good.