Stargate Atlantis 519 & 520 Vegas & Enemy at the Gate -- SERIES FINALE


[b]November 22, 2014

10:00PM – Vegas[/b]
“You know; I once met another version of you. He was very different”

11:00PM – Enemy at the Gate
“But, don’t forget, this Wraith betrayed you and got away with it. For no other reason, you might want to do it out of pure spite.”


Bump for tonight.

Also, how do we want to handle the holidays next month?


I’ll be there tonight.

I can do both Saturdays, Dec 27 and Jan 3. How about you?


I definitely won’t be available for December 27, but I should be around for Jan 3.


Ok, so let’s skip Dec 27 then.


Ok I’m here.


Well, this is a very different beginning of an episode.


Toto, I don’t think we’re in Vancouver anymore.


“Vegas” is my absolute lease, least, least liked episode.


Well, that corpse certainly looks familiar.


Hey airmaille !!
Nice to see ya.


There are some interesting aspects to it, but the fact that it was the second to the last episode annoys me, especially with how rushed Enemy at the Gate was.


Maybe part of my dislike for this one, is I love the water in Atlantis and this is all desert.


Well said.


She has a better idea of “anything’s possible” than you do. :wink:


You’re about to be the next victim, Junior.


Sheppherd is so jaded and hopeless (not to mention really unkempt).
My hero is better than that.


Nice touch with that being the Johnny Cash poster that John has in his room in Atlantis.


Woolsey must feel better being in a suit again.


I recognize that nurse from Sanctuary.

And I’ll be recording a Sanctuary episode for Gatecast to be released over the holidays tomorrow morning. :slight_smile: