Stargate Atlantis 517 & 518 Infection & Identity

[b]November 15, 2014

10:00PM – Infection[/b]
“I’m flattered you think Todd would go to so much trouble to kill me.”

11:00PM – Identity
“C’mon, it’s Dr. No! The first Bond movie! I don’t wanna get stuck sitting behind Ronon again like last week.”

Starsaber, I have a family event today.
Hope to be home in time to join in tonight,
but may not make it. :slight_smile:

Well, won’t be the first time I’ve done one of these by myself. :wink:

Can’t you guys move the city around on the planet? Might be a good security option.

Problems with the gene therapy? Oh boy.

“Blow him out of the sky” is pretty much Ronon’s default reaction to Todd.

“This better not be a Wraith ship from another reality.” Nice callback.

All aboard the Genocide Train, Ronon?

The virus is in the ship.

Nice conversation between Keller and Todd.

Another Wraith set run and gun. Bit of a yawn despite the horror elements with the crazy Drones.

Todd is right to be pissed.

Nice touch with him reflexively trying to feed on John when he snapped.

That’s not good.

Though I think it would have made sense for it to split where it already had a gap.

Nice camera work on the descent.

Mediocre episode. It could have been a good piece t move the Wraith cure storyline forward, but, well, you know…

Ouch, better call the doc… oh.

Always love the Quantum Leap reveals.

They’re keeping this part with the lady who swapped bodies with Jen going for too long.

You might want to say thanks, Rodney.

I love how everyone’s reaction to the whole explosion distraction thing this season is “Why would someone run toward an explosion?” :smiley:

And Ronon just solved the technical problem.