Stargate Atlantis 515 & 516 Remnants & Brain Storm


[b]November 8, 2014

10:00PM – Remnants[/b]
“Well, then I will have wasted an hour of my time and you’ll be able to tell me “I told you so.” If, on the other hand, I do find something, perhaps they’ll name something after me for a change.”

11:00PM – Brain Storm
“I’m Dr. Rodney McKay, alright? Difficult takes a few seconds; impossible, a few minutes.”


Bump for tonight.


See you then.


Nice morning sunlight in Atlantis.


“…I hear him crying.”



I’m hard-pressed to imagine McKay being involved in many social activities at the base (or invited for that matter).


She doesn’t really seem like Shep’s type.


“…blab, blah, science talk, blah, blah.”


I forgot that Tesla was back in this one. Guessing it’s the hair.


I know, really.


Aah, I know. :smiley:


(Hey, isn’t that Chloe’s mother from SGU?)


Oh wow, Woolsey’s awkward.

We don’t see the transporter effect from inside the closet much.


Vanessa is very nice.

“You can call me …Dick”
Don’t think I ever caught that before.


Different character, but there are reasons to justify being able to reuse this actress.


I noticed something about the scene that relates to the end of the episode that I hadn’t spotted.


“My point is your point is pointless.” :smiley:


“This conversation ended 6 seconds ago.”

McKay’s got a lot of funny, sharp lines this episodes.


Yes, different character, same actress.:slight_smile:


Amelia kicked Chuck off the DHD console?

“There is no Chet!”