Stargate Atlantis 513 & 514 Inquisition & The Prodigal

[b]November 1, 2014

10:00PM – Inquisition[/b]
“Believe me, I can handle three tribal elders with a stack of papyrus.”

11:00PM – The Prodigal
“He’s the one who stole our jumper, used it to escape from his cruiser before we could destroy it. He’s like a cockroach. You know, every time you step on him he just skitters away.

Bump for tonight.

See you then. :slight_smile:

Ok I’m here.

Pretty Atlantis on the sea.

Shame there wasn’t a Season 6 to follow up on this Pegasus Federation.

“A Federation”

So true, really.

Not very friendly there.

Starsaber, I’m thinking of checking out the GonnaGeek forum…

Geez someone’s always messin’ with our heroes.

And you know they had to get Woolsey to say it.

Just like he’s in the room for a reference in a couple episodes.

That sure looks like a “dock”.

Not all that active, but more active than it’s been here for a while.

Sorry I’ve missed the last couple Firefly parties. Had a lot on my plate.

“2 million” ?

I understand, no problem. Hope you can make it for the Serenity movie next week.

Sheppherd has no patience with this “court”

Shiana just wants blood.

Blah blah blah, clip show, blah blah.

“Not guilty”
Guilty can be a fluid concept.