Stargate Atlantis 115 & 116 - Before I Sleep & The Brotherhood

[b]July 20, 2013

10:00 PM - Before I Sleep
“Yeah. That’s what I was afraid of… freezer burn.”

11:00 PM - The Brotherhood
“You all have guns, someone get me a knife.”

Bump for tonight. Having sporadic problems with my internet (Cable Company’s fault but good luck convincing them of that), so I might drop in and out a bit.

Fully suited up for exploring the city? Suppose it’s necessary, but still seems a bit odd.

Make note of that thing, we’ll see it again.

And Rodney’s apartment hunting.

That’s unusual.

Yes, Rodney. It’s occupied.

which thing? I got a little distracted and don’t want to run it back and fall behind.

The birthday present.

Got to love how insensitive Rodney is here.

Did he actually say, “freezer burn”?

Now that it’s been revealed, that’s a really good makeup job.


“Not to mention a really nice Delorean.” :smiley:

Nice reuse of existing clips, then integration of the changes.

Big changes.

Well, most of the scenes with big changes are new.

And doesn’t that look familiar? :wink:

Yeah, roof hatch may not be the best idea.

That water CGI could have been better, but they’re saving up for the finale.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

And there’s the woman from the hologram in the pilot, who originally was going to have a bigger role.

And remember the white-haired guy. He’ll be back eventually too.

Not exactly a happy person, is he?

Wizards always tend to be a bit grumpy. :wink: