Stargate Atlantis 113 & 114 - Hot Zone & Sanctuary


[b]July 6, 2013

10:00 PM - Hot Zone
“Look, you seriously have to stop interrupting my last thoughts. I mean this is important stuff you need to hear.”

11:00 PM - Sanctuary
“The whole Captain Kirk routine is problematic to say the least.”


Bump for tonight.


It’s nice how such small changes make the set look so much more creepy.


I love how Rodney admits that he doesn’t give them the credit they deserve.

Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good.


At least they got the stats right…that’s a .098% probability.


You’d think Rodney would be the one panicking given his hypochondria.


Mmm, introduction of Teyla’s sparring gear.


And give up the chance to be in charge?


She doesn’t even have to try too hard to win…


Broken test tubes aren’t a good sign.


I guess putting the team in red shirts would have been too obvious. Fitting, but too obvious.


That HAZMAT gear looks a bit better than the suits they use on SG-1.


It makes sense that this confrontation would happen, but it’s still stupid on John’s part.


And there are the SG-1 HAZMAT suits.


That almost looks like the Wraith projections.


Not good news for McKay.


You know, a Zat or Stunner would have really come in handy there. Shoot first and ask questions later.

But I don’t remember a teleporter directly to the mess hall before.


And all of this because John decided to be a dipshit.


CPR won’t help much when his brain exploded.


The script said “brother”, but David Hewlett convinced them to change it because his sister was an actor. They humored him, but we’ll see…