Stargate Atlantis 111 & 112 - The Eye & The Defiant One


June 22, 2013

10:00 PM - The Eye
[i]“I don’t know if you noticed or not but I’m an extremely arrogant man who tends to think all of his plans will work.”

[/i]11:00 PM - The Defiant One
“If we’re going to play the waiting game, the guy who’s been around for ten thousand years is going to win!”


Bump for tonight. Not sure I’ll be saying much since my “primary” computer at the moment is a Nook that doesn’t like the response window.


Technical difficulties?


I’ll be watching along but not posting. Not able to run a frak party from my phone


Computer didn’t know it was plugged in. Get it back tomorrow.


Have you tried the Tapatalk app? It’s how I access the forum on my smartphone.


I’m guessing this is the eye of the storm…


y’all should learn to look up.


Okay I’m trying Tapatalk now let’s see how this works
Ford is being a bit of a jerk here


And Sheppard just killed a lots of people


Kolya just completely ruined his own credibility there.

Yeah that’s not a trap at all is it?


nice callback to SG-1. First season, even.


and why would you just set a weapon down and leave it unsecured like that?


Nice effect with the shield and the wave


The bandage goes under your sleeve Rodney

I know they probably didn’t have any stock shots for this but I wish it’d been cloudy at the end there


Nice Star Trek reference with the remember where we parked line


“how can either of you resist…”

boys will be boys.


Think you guys should be wearing red T-shirts there


so, question answered. no, he can’t fly the jumper.


all sorts of Trek references…