One of my new favorite movies (in the later quarter of my life) has been the movie Stardust.
I am cannot wrap my head around the fact that this movie did not do very well.
Budget of 70 million, made 38 Domestically, 96 Million Worldwide.
Rotten Tomatoes shows the “Critics” gave this a 76 % the viewers gave it an 86%.
Any one else have love for this movie? I always enjoy re-watching, one of my theories is that on the High Def side this was released only on the HD disc. It took a while for it to come out on Blu-ray, after the HD format crashed, though if you look carefully you can find it for $10 or under, worth the buy IMHO.
I thought that the movie and the story were pretty original.
Anyhoo my 2 cents


Great movie, based on an exceptional comic series by Neil Gaiman. Good performances by the cast, good soundtrack, and an immersive world I wish we could have seen more of.

I also would like to have seen more of the ‘Golden Compass’ storyline, but for some reason that series never caught on… (movie wise)

I also would have liked to have seen more of the ‘Percy Jackson’ universe, but I guess audiences are only willing to invest in only so many YA literature based movies. (I have always been fond of Greek Mythology)


Yes, I did like Golden Compass as well, I didn’t fall into the world as much as Stardust, it was more of an in/out movie.
I thought they were doing a sequel to the Percy Jackson series, I swore it was coming out in 2014 or possibly late 2013.

Yep, just IMDB’ed it, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 2013…

I got to watch this on Netflix, so it was worth the money, more teenager type movie for me…


I like it. My kids like it more (and that’s not a bad thing). The book is swell too. It’s a respectable adaptation of Gaiman. Feels close enough. I want to punch the credits song, though. It is moderately curious that it did so poorly. Deserves more attention now that Owen and Carrie are big! Hmmm, 2007. That’s well into the age of magic and superheroes and such. I don’t recall it being promoted much.


Have you ever been to sea Billy?

spoiler (ish) embed below.


Enjoyable flick.



Love Stardust. Gives me that strange fuzzy feeling that people tell me is ‘romantic’ feelings. Weird. Not a big fan of de Niro in that movie though, his accent snapped me right out of it.


I was not expecting much from this movie. I was given a ticket for an advanced screening. I had just gotten off of work. It was hot and I was tired. I had to wait in the movie line for 40 minutes and there seemed not to be any cool air flowing through the hallways of the theater complex.