Star Wars VII -The Force Awakens


WhooHoo !!

Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens - December 2015.



Hoping for the best.




Here’s another trailer.

Ok, I’m excited.



So need Christmas now. The Star Wars: Rebels trailer was great too.


“Just let it in.”


The Force will be with us December 18th !!


Why trailer you post not? Here’s another post-final trailer all trailer edit. There are many like it but this one is the longest at … 3:40!



Great ! Thanks for the clip.
Can’t wait.
Not a grey hair on Chewie. How does he do that?


J.J. may have done his last trailer. Wait a Tokyo minute! Official from



“Hope is not lost today, it is found.”

Looks so good !!




Really looking forward to this new installment.






Second international trailer. I believe this is the only trailer (aside from the TV spots) using the soundtrack from the film’s final cut announced about two weeks ago.



“…Face them, Fight them, all of us.”

Can’t wait !!!


Bought my tickets for Star Wars today.


All that being said giggle, there was not as much hype than when Episode I was released. If y’all remember there was hype for 6 years. Lucas mentioned working on the prequels in 1993 and speculation just continued to escalate from there until the pandemonium leading up to the release date. Nothing could live up to that. Nothing.

Not making any excuses for the wonderfully beautiful looking and frustratingly confusing Episode I.