Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Spoiler discussion thread.


Faster-than-light jump into the atmosphere? Feels familiar…


It’s funny when I saw the first of the JJ Trek movies (which I liked…I know…sacrilege, but he kept the characters true to who they were and that’s all I wanted)…my first thought in the movie was “Holy Shit this guy should do Star Wars…” …and damn he justified that feeling BIG TIME…the look…the feel…even the music…it was dirty and broken down (something missing from the prequels, they were too sterile, I get why, the Republic was still intact and it should be cleaner, but it needed some of that down n dirty feel to it)…now that I’ve seen it, I feel like I need to see it again to truly process all the new characters since you spent the movie waiting and waiting…and you get Han…then Leia…and you blink and you miss the Trickster…oops…Luke…the best part when it ended Jamie turns to me and asks “when’s the next one come out?”

I get killing Han and all…someone had to go to make these movies matter…but geesh… it’s nice to have a spot to actually discuss this :smiley:



Same here. When I saw the first nuTrek film, my thot was, “This is not Star Trek. This is Star Wars with Trek characters.” So, as much as I envy JJ for being able to play in both sandboxes, I’m glad he did. My first impression of The Force Awakens: I liked it. I really liked Rey. Plot-wise, it felt like A New Hope upgraded. General consensus I’ve heard: JJ just modernized the '77 SW Lucas started with. Give GL props for taking the Prequels in a different direction. I agree and disagree with that.

As he did in the 70s pioneering special effects in cinema. With the Prequels, GL ushered in another era of cinema: the CGI era. Good or Bad, it’s here. All over this Forum and elsewhere it has been discussed ad nauseam the misgivings of the Prequels. I will sum up the major difference. With the Original Trilogy GL worked with grit and duct tape and was surrounded by folks (the Studio, producer Gary Kurtz, cast & crew) who questioned and challenged him. With the Prequels, GL was surrounded by Yes men and blue screens.

JJ brought us nuTrek. It was fun and entertaining. And nuWars, also fun and entertaining.


Funny upon re-seeing the movie a few times…it kinda didn’t hold up to me…but then I realized…in all reality we’ve just seen but 1/3 of the piece (and clearly Carrie Fisher is going to change things), and I don’t think I can fairly judge these movies until I’ve seen all three of them…it helped the prequels immensely too having II and III fill in the holes of I