Star Trek: Voyager 3x9 Future's End Part II


Star Trek: Voyager
Tuesday, 4 June 2013
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

“Divine intervention is unlikely.”


and soon we get to future-past back to 1996… :wink:


The 29th century dude is still an idiot


Pretty much, yeah.

What time traveller doesn’t know about causing the thing you’re trying to prevent? Temporal irony!


“you get things not quite right”
This is why a) Prime Directive and b) time travel would probably be a total disaster were it to happen


“would you please pass me a burrito” haha


…which could explain a lot of things throughout history. :eek:


the doctor! :slight_smile:


Poor Doctor. :frowning:


“maybe I could teach at university”

hahahaha he has no idea how it works


I imagine him being the worst teacher ever, getting dates wrong and teaching students about things that haven’t happened yet. :slight_smile:


Rednecks. Why did it have to be rednecks? :eek:


ah, we’re getting back to the capitalist villain roots. as it should be :cool:


weird I replied to this but it disappeared… maybe I hit cancel.

Ugh, these guys. these guys.

and when he talks about bettering “mankind”? jackass.


“A black man and some bald guy!”

Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly how these mouthbreathers would have worded it. :eyebrow:


There would probably have been more slang.

At least our guys have lasers.



Such intriguing last words. :rolleyes:


such a goofy villain… he really was a 20th century neanderthal!


well that was a fun one :slight_smile:


Indeed. Good night! :slight_smile: