Star Trek: Voyager 3x14 Alter Ego


Star Trek: Voyager
Tuesday, 6 August 2013
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific

“I value our working relationship. I would not allow a holodeck character to disrupt that.”


I’m running a bit late - technical issues… will say when I start


ok all better, starting now! (6 minutes late)


“that would seem to be self-evident.”

Tuvok, you’re awesome at the tough love!


so Harry’s in love with a program and they’ve seen some heretofore unobserved phenomenon. So far, so good.

And cool, Robert Picardo directed this one.


there are different kinds of love

YES. I love how analytical Tuvok is :slight_smile:

“irrelevant. the emotional reaction…” makes it real.


“Vulcans do not hydrosail.”
OMG I married a Vulcan! The last time we went to the beach ze refused to put on a bathing suit, sit in the sand, or get in the water.


And there’s Tom playing the devil on Harry’s shoulder to Tuvok’s angel :groucho:


“the decor is somehow excessive” oh man I so get Tuvok.


poor Garret Wang was sick with the flu when they were filming this episode! :frowning:


Oh no, how dare they play a game.

“It has to be right on the line of not looking as though he is romantically attracted to this woman, but that he is interested in her intellectually. He wouldn’t be involved with anybody at all. He sticks to his wife.”

I really like that about him.


And now she’s not just a “computer program.” She’s sentient? ah ha!

And the Nebula! it’s the NEBULA!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


A hidden ship! Mwah!


oh, Marayna. He may be similar to you but that doesn’t mean “we need to be together FOREVER.”

Other circumstances, they could share knowledge and ideas.
He has a home and a spouse on Vulcan.
A mission and colleagues who depend on him.

Oh, Tuvok. <3


Yeah this is a great episode for Tuvok.


and evidently they were worried about getting a “nipple memo” from the network with the swimsuits. oh, my.