Star Trek: Voyager 3x13 Fair Trade

Star Trek: Voyager
Tuesday, 30 July 2013
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

I’d be with Tuvok… “I didn’t guarantee you a position.” Take that Neelix!

you might find it a more precise instrument.

AHEM double entendre, my friends

lightning in an ominous purple cloud!

So I’m currently watching Orange is the New Black and it’s so funny to now watch an episode of Voyager… oh, Kate Mulgrew :cool:

The key, according to Jeri Taylor, was the concept of Neelix becoming less familiar with the space surrounding the starship Voyager. Speaking at the end of the series’ third season, Taylor explained, “This last season, I started thinking that if we are going at high warp speed toward home, we would be covering a great deal of distance. That would mean that at some point we would probably run out of the space that Neelix understands. I thought, here is exactly the take for that story we’ve been trying to do.” (Cinefantastique, Vol. 29, No. 6/7) Indeed, Jeri Taylor was highly pleased that the plot concept from the first season could be revived, as the writing staff of Star Trek: Voyager had unsuccessfully tried to come up with a workable Neelix story for the third season of the series. “We hadn’t found a good story for Neelix yet this season,” Taylor said at the time, “so I was really delighted to do this one.”

OK now I feel a bit more sympathetic towards him.

That’s an interesting station.

This other Talaxian seems a bit sketchy.

Wix you are shady

with friends like these, etc. etc.

And then there’s an excellent contrast in friendship with that scene with Neelix and Tom.

“had I been given a choice…”

Janeway’s all like, no shenanigans! NO SHENANIGANS!

“same effect. Boom.”

“then you will die with me, little man.”

tee hee!

Neelix has his place on the ship one way or the other. Sweet.

Same time same place next week for more Star Trek!