Star Trek: Voyager 3x12 Macrocosm

Star Trek: Voyager
Tuesday, 2 July 2013
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific

“Good health.”

getting ready to engage on the hour…

well the Tak Tak seem not to be good on the whole intercultural competence thing

“I could use a man like you at the front door”
That made me think of Neelix as a butler more than as an ambassador, not gonna lie

The evolution of the strip of flesh over the mouth baffles me.

maybe it’s ritual or superstitious, too. :rolleyes:

Weird. I don’t remember this episode at all. I’m finding that a lot with the pre-7of9 episodes. I could swear I’d seen them all.

This seems like it might be a pretty exciting one, as well.

crawling through Jeffries tubes always seems to lend drama to an episode.

Also - why do they look so spacious? In my mind they’d be quite a bit more claustrophobic.

Really? Interesting.

Something’s coming for Neelix…!

The ship is like a kilometer long. It’s all a matter of perspective.

And now Janeway goes bad-ass on us!

She couldn’t do that from her communicator? Or just talking to the computer?

To seek out new life and new civilizations… and squash them under your palm. :eek:

Jeez, Captain. Whatever happened to “set for stun”? :eek:

Bad-assery confirmed: my mother-in-law just said “oh she’s like Ripley!”

I definitely think that was the intention.

I love that my mother-in-law doesn’t speak English yet she enjoys watching Star Trek with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy bugs!

If only they had established using the shuttles as quarantine areas… :rolleyes:

This is part of the danger of the ship being ALIVE

It annoys me that they keep using the word “mucilaginous”. It’s clearly not mucilage. And why not just say “sticky”?