Star Trek: Voyager 2x15 Threshold


Star Trek: Voyager
Tuesday, 8 January 2013
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

“Infinite velocity, got it. So, that means very fast.”


Worst. Episode. Ever.

And I actually mean that in the sense that it has the lowest rating among and is considered by fans to really be the worst episode of Star Trek (any series) filmed, displacing even Spock’s Brain.


This episode has been disregarded as canon by the powers that be.


Robert Duncan McNeill was generally puzzled by this episode, so he tried to rationalize it for himself. “When you try to tell the story–he breaks warp ten, starts shedding skin, he kidnaps the captain and then he becomes one with the universe, [he and Janeway] are salamanders, and have a baby–it sounds ridiculous,” McNeill remarked. “What is this about? Before you can even start to tell the story you have to find the moral. What is the simplest point of this episode? Once you can say that in a sentence then that is what the episode is about. To me […] the whole warp ten [challenge] and salamanders and all of that frosting was about Paris trying to find some sort of salvation outside himself and ultimately realizing that he had to find his own self worth from within. Here is somebody who thinks he’s got to break warp ten and prove to everybody, his father and himself that he can do this outside thing, but ultimately your happiness comes from within.” In the end, McNeill still thought the episode was very strange. “That was a bizarre show,” he exclaimed. “It really was.”

So here comes the bizarre…


So Paris find his own self-worth by raping a superior officer and then abandoning their children.

Seems legit. :rolleyes:


ah, “transwarp drive” blah blah babble blabble


How would a computer simulate something that’s considered scientifically impossible?


At the 2009 New Jersey Star Trek convention, Kate Mulgrew remarked to the audience that “Threshold” was the episode of Star Trek: Voyager she was most uncomfortable with, noting that she didn’t like the thought of mating with Paris as a lizard.

She put it more delicately than you did, Badger


…and this surprises you? :smiley:


magic! it’s all magic!


Interesting how the Borg later used transwarp without any major problems. Not a salamander in sight.


Considering that it’s already been established that high warp speeds damage subspace, how would infinite warp affect the fabric of spacetime EVERYWHERE in the universe? :eek:


2% chance of brain explosion! charge ahead!


honey, they’ve lost Paris.

“he could be anywhere in the universe!”



“We’ll always have Paris.” :stuck_out_tongue:


looks like Paris has got the runs… whoops something else


radioactive mutant? is he going ninja turtle?


memory of losing his virginity, and the Doctor will put that in his medical record? wow.


“…beloved radioactive mutant.” :smiley:


True love’s kiss!