Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 5x9 The Ascent


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Tuesday, 25 June 2013
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific

“There are no slugs either. No slugs, no beetles, no worms, no snails… nothing but rocks and trees and we can’t eat any of it!”


Phew! Here!

So cute Jake and Ben


Quark and Odo… so awkward as always


Since I’m watching through Netflix the version on the screen doesn’t have subtitles in Spanish so I’m doing some random translating of what’s going on to my in-laws. :slight_smile:

NOG! Was this the episode that got Audra talking about Nog junk back in the day?


This is a nice structure - we have Odo and Quark who have always been adversaries of a sort learning to work together, and then we have Jake and Nog who are best friends realizing that maybe they shouldn’t be roommates


Oh, Quark screwing over the Orion Syndicate…


A bomb! :eek:

Oh, and hi, Casilda! :slight_smile:


Odo with messy hair is funny

I’m so Jake in the Jake/Nog binary



yeah… but not really pretty lights in space :wink:


I didn’t really read for content (WTF Nog)

OMG I am SO Jake here.


Ironic, considering how his society devalues women, while the Orion Syndicate is a vast feminist conspiracy. :rolleyes:


That jacket reminds me of Cyrano Jones.


but shinier!

Quark the witness!


Quark, you are and have always been my friend. :rolleyes:


I enjoy Sisko and Rom’s chat.

This is just a fun episode.


Meanwhile, on the mountain…

Yeah the Federation has totally corrupted Quark. TOTALLY.


Odo’s last wish… poignant. And a bit of foreshadowing…


A Ferengi, with shame? Shocking. :eek: