Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 5x7 Let He Who Is Without Sin

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Tuesday, 4 June 2013
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific

“Interspecies romance isn’t without its dangers. That’s part of the fun.”

In Bajoran Sean means swamp hahaha

Worf on a pleasure planet, oh
Prune juice, extra large!

Worf’s sense of propriety (don’t talk to people about personal business!) makes me feel like I married a human version of Worf, lol


I love Worf, now he’s channeling me!

Mmm, snail juice. :stuck_out_tongue:

what horrendous leisure wear

Worf, ever the romantic. So cute!

It’s funny how the clothing on this “pleasure planet” is more demure than the average American beach. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Worf’s bathing suit…

And the Moral Majority/Focus on the Family of the Federation has found Worf!

AKA The Society for We’re Not Having Fun So No One Else Should. :rolleyes:

“I’d never have agreed to be a witness if I knew you were going to be so civil!”

Leeta’s got the hots for Rom! woohoo!

courage of a berserker cat, and the heart of a poet.

there’s an excellent endorsement of Worf’s character

So, um, Worf’s a terrorist now?

c’mon Worf, you didn’t bring your tech back with you?

Huh. I forgot what an important moment of character development there was for Worf in this episode.

“I will do as I please. I am on vacation”

It really is, despite the general meh-ness of the episode otherwise

General meh-ness, on the pleasure planet. Ah, the '90s. :stuck_out_tongue: