Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 5x4 Nor the Battle to the Strong

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Tuesday, 14 May 2013
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

“Solid. I wonder why my people use that term. Humanoid bodies are so fragile…”

A great night since there are TWO Deep Space Nine Episodes! Though this one isn’t as light-hearted and comedic as the last…

“they seemed quite polite to me”

ah yes, academic politics, academic insults, LOL. My world.

It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve had much Jake-time in an episode.

Jakes illusions about life ‘under fire’ are about to be shattered. Honor and Glory all sound great when shells arnt going off and bullets flying over your head…

It’s those moments of disillusionment (when I think of Spanish comedias this is the part we call the desengaño) that are great for dramas like DS9.

I love that moment about Ferengi pregnancy being a rental. And the complete disdain with which Kira and Dax treat that idea (not so Federation-y, but very believable!).

I’m Back! My network went ‘Tits Up’, I had to reboot it…

Quarks rental comment was gold. Or would that be Gold Pressed Latinum? :slight_smile:

“lambada cluster”
hahaha the dance! the dance!

I’d call it fool’s gold. Sexist fool’s gold.

simulations can’t prepare you for the real thing

Yep, simulations and wargames cant prepare you for the real thing…

those quilted-ish scrubs are just ugly

“Nor the Battle to the Strong” was another one of those episodes that attempted to move the production farther afield from The Next Generation’s clean, Teflon image. Just getting down into the mud and the horror of death."

and he writes fiction.

Julian, Jake hit the ground before you noticed there was an explosion

I kept hearing Monty Python’s, “Run away! Run Away!” in my head… :smiley:

seeking meaning within a disordered world…

Life doesnt work like that Kid…

Oh, Jake. Oh, Bashir.

“It makes you realize you aren’t who you thought you were.”

It would be cool if Jake’s essay were anywhere.

“Anyone who’s been in battle would recognize himself in this, and most of us wouldn’t want to admit it.”