So, in light of the recent news about Dollhouse and all, I thought this would bring a much needed smile to your faces. I know it did to mine. I almost cried real tears. Honest to goodness, tears.

I’m right there with you. I was partially spoiled to this turn on Castle. When my wife and I sat down to watch the episode she practically blurted out as Nathan was coming through the door, “Oh my God, he is dressed up as Mal!”

Which of course inspired my avatar. Nathan, playing Richard Castle, playing Malcolm Reynolds. Very meta.


“What exactly are you supposed to be?”
“A space cowboy.”
“Didn’t you wear that like five years ago? Isn’t it time to move on?”
“I LIKE it.”


That’s frakin’ hysterical!

Damn, we’re only a few eps into Season one…

No worries man. Season one is good…but is finding its footing. Nathan carries the series. Season two becomes more of an ensemble piece and is vastly improved because of it.

OMG, I cant wait to see this episode! Woot! :smiley:

“didn’t you wear that like 5 years ago?”

best frakking line ever written

ah, those 30 seconds just make the world a happy place

My wife didn’t understand as I was going…

“Nah…they didn’t…” “Yeah! they did!” “THAT IS AWESOME!”

I told her … “you like Nathan on Castle. You like Adam on Chuck. You liked Gina on Angel. You liked Alan on Dollhouse. you like Jewel on Atlantis…” " JUST WATCH FIREFLY ALREADY!"

Loved it

I had a similar reaction when I watched this weeks castle. Unfortuantly I got no reaction when I put on my finest Mal gear last halloween.

Oh!! So that explains the new avatar. Awesome.
“I’m a space cowboy”.
“First off, Dad, there are no cows in space.”

I have to agree. Of course I loved the first season, but the supporting cast is so incredible, it’s a pleasure to watch them get more screen time.

From a writer’s perspective, the launch of a real Nicki Heat book (and FTL speed it got out to stores) is interesting. Not all TV shows can have successful book tie-ins, but the marketing blitz for the book really helped the series. Plus the TV folks sought the Firefly fans and made sure they knew to watch this week’s episode. Another great tactic.

Yeah, I watched the pilot and thought, “meh.” Now, apparently, it’s actually a really fun show so I may have to start watching it more often. If they’re pulling humor like this off (“I like it” indeed, though my favorite bit from that clip is how the score goes all “Firefly” whenever they talk about space cowboys. THAT level of humor is simply awesome to me) I need to be watching this show.

I now have Steve Miller in my head!

“Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster or looooove…”

“Some people call me Maurice!! waaah waaah


“cause I speak…with the pompatous of loooove”

i miss that show…

Ok, raise your hand if when you heard her say, “First off, Dad, there are no cows in space” if the first thing you thot of was the closing shot of Shindig:

Me three. (: Well, it wasn’t the first thing, but it eventually came to mind.

and by the end of that episode, somebody said “Shindig”