Hey All,

I just discovered this show on Hulu, it is great and would be perfect for GWC. It is British, however not so British that you can’t understand what they are saying. It is a comedy, with a ton of nods to sci fi shows and comics. It has Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Shawn of the Dead) as a down and out comic book and graphic artist with Jessica Hynes who is a writer.

The GWC crew would love this show, Anybody else seen it?


Spaced was fantastic! And I believe the Crue has seen and enjoyed it as well. I, for one, would love a Apaced arc.


Me, three! Especially now that the series is available on Region1 DVD and much easier to get a hold of. It was an amazing sitcom written by and for geeks, and really rewards the viewer with its many homages to everything from Star Wars to The Shining to Evil Dead.


I love this show. I have spent the past few months watching this or Arrested Development every night before I go to sleep. Too bad there are only 2 seasons.

Daisy: What do you do Brian?
Brian: I’m an artist.
Daisy: Oh, Tim’s an artist. What kind of thing do you do?
Brian: Anger.
[Shot of Brian attacking the canvas furiously]
Brian: Pain.
[Shot of Brian pricking his finger with a needle and whimpering]
Brian: Fear.
[Shot of Brian cowering in the dark as creepy music plays]
Brian: Aggression.
[Shot of Brian violently smashing an egg with a hammer]

Cracks me up every time. :smiley:



It’s one of the few shows I never get tired of and even if I do, I just watch the episodes with commentary instead. And I like every single character. Even the terribly narcissistic Twist. I especially like the friendship between Tim and Mike, and I guess it works so well because Simon and Nick are so close in real life.

Have you watched the “Skip to the End” documentary with Edgar, Simon and Jess?


Never. Is the documentary on the DVD?


I think it’s on disc 3 of the box set. It’s a really well-done retrospective of the show and everyone who worked on it, even the guy who built the Spaced-Out website. Plus Edgar, Simon and Jess return to some of the sites where they filmed, recreate the great “gun battle of Camden” and freak out some fans who show up to take pictures of the 23 Meteor Street house.


Sounds fun! Guess Ill have to add Spaced to my list of DVD’s I wish I owned.


I believe both series are now on Netflix instant watch I do recommend it If you like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost


Correct, they are – the only disadvantage being (and NFI’s biggest flaw, in my opinion) that you don’t have access to outtakes and other brilliant bonus material.

I do believe I have the series committed to memory (along with Black Books), and would rave along with Tyres in a Brixton Academy instant. =D


Bill Bailey is Awsome I must admit I do own all of the Black Books series as well as some Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran Standup