SPACE Above Beyond-Ep 2+3

[b]SPACE: Above & Beyond-Ep 2+3

Tue - December 2, 2014

9p EST / 6p PST - The Farthest Man From Home

10p EST / 7p PST - The Dark Side of the Sun


9p EST / 6p PST - The Farthest Man From Home

Beginning now…

Planet Tellus

Lots of dead bodies.

Wreckage of the Tellus colony ship.

“I’m the farthest man from home.”

He’s totally in shock

JFK: We choose to go to the Moon…

The aliens are called “Chigs”, because they look like Chigoes.

“The ship’s dropped anchor.”
Love that.

There’s that sound in space again.

It’s Mr. Slime.
You don’t know him, but you do know him.

Col McQueen’s briefing.

Mr. Sewell. He’s on the Aero-Tech board of directors. The man-in-black.

Nathan knows Sewell is up to no good.

Vansen’s hoping Nathan will not do anything stupid or implusive.

“Kylen Celina, she is far, she is very far from home.” says the rescued crazy.

Nathan goes ahead and does the stupid.
He takes his flyer and heads for planet Tellus in search of Kylen.

Col McQueen: “This war wasn’t made just for Nathan West.”

Right now the Chigs own Planet Tellus.

Vensen and Coop go after Nathan.

Wang and Damphosse cover for them.