How come nobody told me that this new BSG was SO FRAKING GOOD?!

I know, it’s a little late- but I’ve just only recently come to watch the show, and thus jump on the bandwagon.

I’m four episodes into season 2.5.

What do you hear, Venona?

glad you found the show, and this forum!

Please post your reactions to your viewing of BSG… we all love to live vicariously through people watching it for the first time.


I know, right?

BSG is something special, alright. It spawned this very cast and forum! One great thing about GWC is that you’ll discover a whole mountain of awesome, new-to-you movies, shows, comics and books.

Back to BSG, seriously, best show ever, right?

How come nobody told me that this new BSG was SO FRAKING GOOD?!

I know, right? I was hesitant to get into any show that was a remake, espically on the sci-fi channel. Who knew?

…according to GWC lore, this podcast began between the season 2 to season 2.5 hiatus, so you’re in good company :wink:

I saw that BSG was getting a PS2 game and some magazine explained it was designed to work with either the '78 or the '04 chronology and I was like, 'O4?

Then the pilot was on like a week later. It was the space opera I needed since Return of the Jedi. I may have to watch it all over again with you. I’ve got the time lately.

I’m really enjoying the show so far. It’s got great character development, and the political and religious overtones are pretty well done. I’m also a huge fan of the cinematography of it, with the turning and zooming of the camera, instead of just directional/distance pans.

Does this mean that I’ll have to cave and watch Caprica now, too?

Caprica is a whole different animal, it’s more psychological and dramatic I think, at least it does that without all the action BSG had.

Should I finish BSG first?

Totally. The two dont intersect…so you wont miss anything by finishing BSG

Oh definitely, much of Caprica is based around direct and literal nods to BSG, they don’t mean anything if you’re not familiar with Galactica.

CylonMatrix is right, you’re in good company. I have been listening to GWC for maybe a year or so and I just started watching BSG a month or so ago.
I’m two eps into the 2nd season and my new years resolution is to finish all of BSG and Caprica before the premier of Blood and Chrome.

In fact, i’m sort of liveblogging my reactions to each ep as I watch them in another thread in the Battlestar Galactica header. (A little interthread promoting :smiley: )

EDIT: It’s actually in the BSG-2003 Sub Forum

End of Line.

Alright, friends.

I’ve just finished Season 2.5, and I have to say, I hope that this show is not going to continue going in THAT direction.

Is it really going to split, and have two separate story arcs running at the same time? It seems to me that everything that kept me interested and loving about BSG just ended, but I don’t want to just give up on it.

Does it get better?

To quote Dan Savage, “it gets better.”

Seriously, S3 will pop your brain inside your skull and be so hot it will fry your gray matter up like scrambled eggs.

Alright, Starbuccaneer. I’ll start S3 in just a few moments (quite literally, the time it takes for me to finish this post and then mosey on back over to my couch).

I am holding you personally responsible if I don’t like it.

Just be wary, there are a few drops in the middle of the season. The start kicks ass (seriously, im jealous you get to watch the first 6 eps for the first time) and the end kicks ass, just dont give up in between, its worth pushing through.

And I guess you can add me to the hit list if you dont like it xD

I think a recurring problem on Galactica was the middle of the the back half of every season. (Season 1 didn’t have a back half). Don’t get me wrong, I love the show more then anything, but I’m just calling it like I see it. Don’t worry about it too much new viewers, the front half and season finales more then make up for a few slow episodes.
And yes, the beginning of Season 3 has some of the best stuff they ever did on Galactica.

Is true. But if you’re watching on DVD or Hulu or whatever it’s not as bad. There’s something about waiting for a week (or months!) for a new episode that isn’t awesome that’s much more disappointing than when you’re able to just slide into the next one as soon as you’re done.

Haha, this is what I loved the most about watching the show. It seems after every three or four episodes, I found myself screaming at the screen, “WHAT?! NO WAY! THEY CAN’T DO THAT!” And then magically, somehow it ends up resolving and working and I kept watching.

You’re in for a heck of a ride.

I agree, you will enjoy season three! ( I enjoyed 19/20ths of it.)

[spoiler] not really a spoiler per say… but season three has the only episode I deem unworthy of being part of the series… IMHO…(s03 e14)[/spoiler]

Episodes 3 and 4 of season three are among my favorites of the series.

“fight em til we can’t”