Show/Hide spolier boxes

After seeing it done on other forums I was just wondering if it would be possible to get the show/hide spoiler boxes added to this forum. I’m trying to find an example but it’s suprisingly difficult. Personally I think they are much more convinient than the highlight text spoiler boxes

I found this on the vb site, but as I don’t have a vb license I can’t confirm how good it it is

Of course they may already be enabled on this forum and I have no idea how to use them.

Magnus, why would this be valuable? I don’t understand how hiding a spoiler is different than screening it with a highlighted box. I may not have had enough coffee yet…<stares at his second cup longingly>

The only benefit I can see is being able to read spoilers on an iPhone.

Well it’s not extremely valuble, but when you put a link in a spoiler it’s a different colour and not hidden. Also excessivly large images could be placed in the boxes for those on a slow connection who may not want to load all the images.

There’s no particular reason it needs to replace the old way of spoilering things. I’ve seen it done in addition with the show/hid tags lableled [spoiler2]

It’s a CSS implementation which means that the images load anyway even if they’re not shown. The iPhone might make it interesting, though. I wonder how many people (other than me, Pike, and Solai) regularly read the forum via iPhone.

My mistake, but there are advantages to placing large images inside them with regard to scrolling and such. I guess I just think that a single click is easier than highlighting text and I believe it’s easier to read. It’s nothing major but the more options the better right?

I would, but I never seem to stay logged in from one page to the next. Maybe you guys know some cool iPhone/forum trick that I haven’t found though. :slight_smile:

Odd, I haven’t had that problem. Are you using an iPhone or a Touch?

I use my iPod Touch a lot on the forum. I avoid spoilers, but since we use the spoiler tags for more than that around here, being able to read them would be a big plus. Like this big.:smiley:

Is there a reason why this issue died? Bumping this to see if it generates any additional interest, as I personally would find this useful (as I am a lazy arse) :D.

I do sometimes. This wasn’t possible before OS 3.x came out, but you can read spoiler text on an iPhone by selecting it, copying it to the clipboard, exiting out of Safari, opening up Notes, then pasting the text there. It’s a pretty convoluted workaround, but it does work!

I’ll throw in as one who uses his iPhone regularly to cruise the forum, as well as post there.