SGU: The cook!

Becker in Darkness says -
Becker: “My assignment Sir?”
Col. Young: “Recipes Becker… For the love of God. Recipies!”

As well in Air 2
Becker: “How are we supposed to know what’s dangerous?”
Lt Scott: “Becker? Right?”
Becker: “Yes Sir. I work in the mess. I mean I did.”
Becker: “Don’t Touch. Just look.”

I wonder whether TPTB (OK I’m on forums so I use it all the time) or some writer has thought of giving Becker a role in a takeover situation in the future!

Go watch the youtube trailer for Under Seige 1 and imagined SGU footage (and some lines changes of course) - I did and it was a big laugh!

There’s one thing they didn’t count on - the cook!
Are you like a special forces guy or something? No I’m just a cook!
This isn’t the work of a cook.

Lol. It took me awhile to catch the Steven Segal reference.

What is with these cooks? The cook aboard Red October was a murdering saboteur, Will “cook for screentime” Riker took over the Enterprise finale, and now this.

Note to self- don’t trust Becker.

I always knew Neelix is evil because he cooks on screen.