SGU and Stargate in General - Write Your Own Ending!

Okay, this isn’t as good as seeing it on the screen, but we have a lot of creative people here. Let’s have a shot at writing our own end to SGU, or Stargate Verse in general.

It can be a simple one or two line outline, or a full written out story.

Ladies and gentlemen and all between, start your brains!

Here’s mine:

They continue their voyage and begin to decipher more and more of the message that’s in the background chatter of the universe (the reason Destiny was launched). Finally, something clicks, and they’re able to decode it and discover… that it’s a message from THEM. It’s a kino video loop of fragment from the bridge of the Destiny during some sort of crisis, and it encoded into the root of the Universe.

They end up in conflict with their descendants (as noted in the ‘things we were going to do’ notes) At some point, an event takes place that forces the crew to make a decision. They can either return to Earth, or something else, but if they go to Earth, they’ll end up dooming their descendants. Now, even though they’ve been fighting it out with them, they’re STILL their descendants. Or maybe it’s some sort of imminent stellar event that threatens a planet full of descendants, anyway, they make the decision that ‘blood is thicker than water’ or something like that and use Destiny to (in some sort of super risky maneuver) dive into the event and prevent whatever will end up killing a huge number of humans.

The consequence: They end up hurled backwards in time much, much further than before and are somehow responsible for the actual creation of the universe. A kino in the bridge captures the clip that’s encoded into the background, and they end up figuring out that the Ancients had put some of this together, and that the hints they had gotten from decoding the video ended up shaping their civilization so they could make that event happen.

So the entire shebang, from Stargates to Destiny to Rings etc was all the result of a path that the Ancients started down after painstakingly decoding a video fragment of the dudes from SG:U.

Or, not to steal from BSG, they go way back and they are the Ancients.

The way I see it, SG-1 is pretty well wrapped up. About all that would be left on that side of things is the Stargate program going public and the effects of that. Heck, they could do a whole series based on the effects of going public.

While some people like the symmetry of Atlantis returning to Earth in its finale, it just feels wrong to me. There are too many plot threads that are still dangling in the Pegasus galaxy. We still have the Wraith, and our allies (Athosians, Travelers, and the Pegasus Federation) who we’ve promised to help. Plus, there are the Pegasus Asgard who they haven’t really done anything with. Especially with Todd, Teyla, and Ronon still on Atlantis (and maybe Teyla’s child and his father), there’s still a good amount of story to be told. The novels are OK, but I wish we could have the movie.

SGU, I’m not really sure on. In Season 1, I would have just said forget about it. Now I want to see an ending, but I’m not really sure what it would be.

Actually, that encoded message at the beginning of the universe was similar to my idea. I wonder if that wasn’t at least partially what the creators were after, but actually I quite liked Rush’s fellow scientist’s (played by French Stewart) speech about what actually discovering the truth would bring.

My ending:
Rush discovers an oddity about the gates themselves. Upon closer inspection he realizes that every gate, including the Milky Way and Pegasus gates, has the same oddity. Eventually he realizes the intelligence is coming from Destiny itself. The seed ships aren’t spreading gates to discover the intelligence, they’re doing it to expand it. Destiny was launched not by the Ancients themselves but by an offshoot philosophy that would eventually become the Ori and the intent was to create a brain, with each gate being a node in said brain, that could manipulate the fabric of the universe itself, the ultimate power. Once enough gates have been spread, the command chair on Destiny was the “controls”. This explains why consciousnesses could be uploaded to her computer, the entire crew intended to live forever digitally and be gods, able to control the universe. Rush loses purpose but realizes that this discovery could potentially get them back to Earth, giving him a new purpose. Eli sees what he’s about to do but doesn’t realize the altruistic nature of it and informs COL Young. Young debates whether or not to kill Rush to prevent him destroying the whole universe but it’s too late. Destiny arrives in the Solar System just before Rush is executed and the crew attempts to remove Rush from the chair, only to have him disappear before their eyes and they know he’s become a part of Destiny, but he also knows it’s secret and they can’t take the risk he’ll use the power poorly. So Young volunteers to be uploaded into Destiny as well to be Rush’s conscience.

It’s not the greatest because I couldn’t work out all of the mechanics. I had also considered that the crew learns to ascend while in stasis and they all decide to return to Earth in corporeal form (like Daniel did before) and leave Rush to do what he pleases with Destiny, it’s secret never revealed to the audience.

Or what if Eli gets frustrated, can’t fix the cryo-pod, falls into old habits, and winds up playing ancient next-level videogames for a week?

And wins…

Still have a season and a half of Atlantis before I get into Universe but for SG-1…

Program goes public-Daniel Jackson gets to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to all his old detractors, then goes and has babies with Vala.

(but I still don’t get the people who put Sam and Jack together.)

Anyway, spin off series done like a Stargate West Wing-tensions are high as the Chinese fleet is in a trade war with the Free Jaffar Nation almost becoming a shooting war! The EU wants control of the gate! The mideast flares up as no one cares about oil anymore due offworld energy supplies. Governments destabilized as large populations move offworld to establish indepedant colonies! Get Sorkin on this NOW!

They would need to dramatically increase the size of all the Stargate sets to allow for that much Sorkin walking dialog.

Treadmill + bluescreen: problem solved. :smiley: