Seriously, Where are the pickup trucks?

First of all, THANK YOU DODGE for supporting Defiance. Second of all, I love so called “pony” cars. Good old American Style Steel Muscle. Third of all, of all the apocalyptic Mad Max style cars out on the market today, The Charger/Challenger best fit the mold. Fourthly, Nolan’s Defiance Lawkeeper mobile is BADASS. Fifthly, I love this Dodge commerical which takes us through the Defiance timeline from first Arkfall on.


But seriously folks, no pickup trucks? You’ve got ATVs and dune buggies and cargo trucks and convertibles from the 60’s and rollers (which look like revamped Jeeps to me) but no trucks? Dodge is saying their police car is the toughest thing to survive 33 years, (basically) an alien invasion, a world-wide Terminator style futuristic war, and an Erf environment that has been mistakenly and completely terraformed? No Humvees or MRAPS or M1A3 Main Battle Tanks or SUVs? No crossovers or (thank Crom) mini-vans or armored cars?

Ford, if you are listening the floor is wide open for you right now to help sway millions of future customers with an F-150 SVT Raptor sponsorship. I’m telling you right now that would be an awesome investment. And for my money? A Raptor beats a Charger any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Just sayin’.


Come on Defiance! Show us some American Redneck Utility and give us some pickups!

~Shooter Out

Dodge is the official car sponsor of Defiance. In theory, you’ll not be seeing other car company commercials during the broadcast. In practice, the exclusivity restriction could just mean no makes or models that directly compete with the sports car Charger or other Dodge models featured in commercials during the broadcast hour. However with the show itself exclusivity extends to product placement. No Fords allowed I don’t think.

The Dodge Defiance Arkfall sweepstakes starts in 12 hours:

US residents only. Must register with Facebook because the hunt will be conducted through a Facebook game. Here’s a blurb about how it works: Marketing Daily: Dodge Goes Social With ‘Defiance’

I understand about the sponsorship. But the Dodge family has pickups too. And even a kit to be competitive to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor too:



Thanks for the heads-up on the Dodge Defiance Arkfall sweepstakes! Good luck to all those that participate!

~Shooter out

There’s one truck in the game BTW, the Nomad V6. It was originally a pre-order bonus from Steam, but last night I noticed it’s available in the Defiance store as a RMT for Bits.

It’s a good looking truck in the cammo pattern, and the durability is insane. BUT… only the Steam pre-order came in the grey/blue cammo pattern. The ones on the store are black/grey cammo (960 Bits) and pink cammo (640 Bits). More info on the rollers HERE.


I’m cruising around in an orange Challenger right now, but honestly, the handling is shtako compared to the high-end quads. I progressed the main storyline to the point where I’ve found the Duni vendor, so I’m going to drop some scrip and see how they handle.

Quick note - not sure if it’s a new edition on the Defiance Store, but I saw a Nomad V6 in Standard forest cammo (green & brown). It’s also 960 Bits.