Series With Resolved Endings

We hear about the unresolved cliffhangers, what about those series with resolved endings?

For you, what series do you feel left you with some resolution?

For me it’s- Babylon 5
A 5 year series, with a beginning, middle and end.
The series ends with John Sheridan’s death, the decommissioning of the Babylon 5 station,
and who turns off the last lights in the station? J. Michael Straczynski, the creator/writer of B5.
It choked me up.

Its funny how Farscape went from Column A to Column B with the Peacekeeper Wars :slight_smile:

Also BSG 2003 was the most at peace with show’s ending I could ever think of (Kara-drama aside)

Also for me…it’s not Sci-Fi, but the ending of the Shield was also BRILLIANT…everyone got what was coming to them in the end and NO ONE walked away Scott-Free

Yah, the ending worked for me.
And the Kara ending - that worked for me also.
The only area I have wondered about is the immediate future.
What happens to the survivors in the first few years.

Star Trek Next Generation

I loved the ending with all the characters playing poker and Capt Picard comes in to join them.

(From memory)
Picard: (He looks around the table ) “I should have done this a long time ago.”
Troi: “You were always welcomed”

Very satisfying finish to the TV series.
Choked me up.

I always figured they had enough supplies from the fleet to live through those first few years of settlement on the planet…would have been nice to see Apollo end up with someone…and Tyrol NOT end up being the legend of Big Foot too :cool:

This is one that’s a bit debatable, but I thought the finale of Chuck did a good job wrapping things up. While Sarah lost her memories, it was clear that whether the kiss worked or not, they were already starting to come back.


And Baltar, a farmer?
And Six, a farmer wife?
Kinda short circuits my head.

I was OK with that part actually…was VERY full circle…especially for Baltar (if only his father had lived to see that)

my favorite part of the Finale is when both 6 and Baltar hear the voice’s in the other’s head and I jumped off my couch and yelled YESSSSSSS!!! Major Geek Out moment :slight_smile:

That was a very fine moment. Loved it!!
This was not a predictable series. It was a wild ride right to the very end.
Damn good stuff.

Though not sci fi, I think Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Rome, The Shield, The West Wing, and The Wire all had brilliant final seasons and series finales. I won’t go into any specifically in case of spoilers, but I would wholeheartedly recommend any of these series!